Best laid plans of grad students and GTAs

So I was going to post to this blog at least weekly. I wanted to use the blog to express ideas. To open up my thinking. To force myself to pull nebulous ideas into some form of cohesion.

And now I look back, and my last post was 4 months ago. Oops. I guess things have been just a little crazy, both with home life, with my writing, and with my teaching. My partner is in the process of starting her own VOD TV channel, so that has been taking up a lot of my free time as well.

The good news is that from November last year until now, my ideas have significantly crystalised, to the point where (as much as there is still a lot to be worked out) I now have a workable framework. Post to come…

I’ve also shifted from being a Twitter-denier to being a convert. Deciding to follow #scms while it was on was a huge turning point for me: firstly, it showed me just how badly I need to get myself to some academic conferences, if for no other reason than to be comfortable with how they operate before I get to the point of presenting; and secondly, it put me in some sort of contact with a variety of key people in the field, and gives me a huge insight into the sort of discussions that go on. @markboynz – if you’re interested 🙂

I’m also doing some GTA work/teaching on a 2nd & 3rd year paper here, entitled Media & Information Society. This is my third year on it, and I am finding it fascinating, just because every year the content is so different. Discussing the self-portrayal of corporations on social media sites would have been a little odd even 12 months ago, but has already started a couple of discussions this year. This paper certainly keeps me thinking, every day.

I’ll try to get a full PhD project description (as it currently stands) up today.


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