Information Overload

Working in television and new media means that there is constantly something new going on – whether it’s a new casting announcement, a renewal, or a blog post analysing a new piece of technology, or how a piece of tech is being used. Frankly, it’s getting a little difficult to stay on top of it all.

I started off with Google Reader – that was a huge boon, bringing all the pieces together into a single place. Helped me with the terrible problem I had of remembering to check out blogs for new updates, especially those (like this one) which only update irregularly at best.

But Google Reader has started to have its own problems – now following 60-70 feeds, some of which have 15-20 posts per day, minimum (damn you, Whedonesque!). I have developed a process, by which I skim the titles, and open a new Chrome tab for any posts that I may be interested in. But where to from there? I try to get to reading each and every one, but sometimes my brain just isn’t in the right mode for work. And if I do read it, and it may have some future importance/relevance, what do I do with it? I have the advantage of a pretty good memory (not eidetic), but I know point blank that at least half the things I find, I will struggle to find again if I need them.

And then, I found Twitter. Oh, what a love/hate relationship I have with Twitter. It has put me in direct contact with some of the greatest minds in my field. It has given me the confidence to express my ideas to a group of people who will challenge me, and who will constructively give me feedback. But it also has me spending even more time sifting through people’s thoughts, this time in 140 character increments. And, of course, reading more and more links, which I also fail to file.

Anyone have any suggestions of how to deal with so many different flows of information, coming in a never-ending tsunami of knowledge?


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