Storytelling Conference paper draft

My abstract was accepted to present a paper at the Australasian Universities Language and Literature Association conference on Storytelling. The abstract I sent can be found elsewhere on the blog.  I’m presenting on Wednesday our time, and true to form, I’m only just finishing my draft of my paper. I’m a little nervous about it, as it is my first conference paper presentation, and it will also be my first encounter with ‘traditional’ conference papers – the only other conference I have attended is Flow, and while that was AWESOME,  I expect this to have a slightly different feel!

So, please, any and all responses, comments, criticisms, are welcome, even if it is that I need to start from scratch and re-write! I can’t promise I actually will, with time constraints, but it would be useful to know that I should if that’s the case!

Note: This is a very, VERY rough draft, and I may continue to edit over the next few days on my own. I’m particularly concerned by the lack of a strong conclusion – any advice there would be appreciated. Also, the paper is mostly without references, since it will be delivered verbally. I will probably go through and add the full references in at a later date for my own interest and use.


-edit- Change of plan – I’ve decided I should make use of the tech I’m using anyway – the most up-to-date version is available at:

I’ve made it non-editable, so if you have any comments, please either make them on this post, or via twitter: @markboynz


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