My Own State of the Union

First time trying a blogpost from an iPad, so please excuse any typos/autocorrect issues!

I’ve been slack on my blogging, as many of my blogposts begin, but I get the feeling that the blog is going to be more functional than inspirational for the next 12 months. I am now into the last 12 months of my PhD writing, which means I have a whole heap of writing to do, and am steadily running out of time in which to do it. Having said that, it’s also hugely exciting, as all the work I’ve put into the last 2 years starts to come together!

As I did last year, I’m currently teaching in Summer School, on a Video Games paper, which is equal parts fun and challenging. I love delving into the theory, which is a little outside my wheelhouse (although anything to do with pop culture is gravy in my books), but it is a bit of a challenge not being so familiar with the latest texts. Postgrad has kept me from being a gamer for quite a few years. But I find the work inspiring, it’s given me great ideas for some papers to write once I get the thesis off my plate.

I’m lecturing the course that I lectured first semester last year again, and definitely looking forward to it. My co-convenor and I have been able to make the course a little more our own again this year, meaning I get to add a lecture on storytelling in the digital age to the 2 other media culture lectures. It’ll make for a really fun run of lectures in the middle of the semester, at least for me, and hopefully for the students as well. Engaging a little more with transmedia, and with fan cultures – I love that I get to show students some of the awesome things that can be studied if you have the desire.

I’m also looking at a pretty busy year for conferences, and hopefully for publications too. Heading to Portland in early March for the What Is TV? Conference; thinking about going to ANZCA in Adelaide in July; and finally, this should hopefully be a FlowTV year, which would see me heading to Austin near the end of the year, funds willing. In addition to that, ANZCA produces a peer-reviewed proceedings, which if I can get into, will give me my first proper publication.

What this all means is what I need to have done by early March is:

  • conference paper for Portland
  • conference abstract for Adelaide
  • full journal article for Adelaide for peer review
  • two more sets of grading for the paper I’m currently teaching on
  • finishing preparing the course for first semester, including revising the first couple of lectures
  • finish up the current methodology/lit review chapter I’ve been writing for about 5 months now
  • make some good inroads into the next case study that I have yet to start

I’m thinking that should be enough to be going on with 😉 when you add in trying to keep up with all the TV content I try to follow, plus staying in touch with as many colleagues on Twitter as possible…

It’s going to be quite a year.


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