Fan Work Assignment

This past semester, I have been teaching a unit on Fan Studies as part of an Advanced Topics course offered to our first year students.

To try to get away from the standard assessment model I’ve been stuck in (presentation, essay, essay), I decided that I was going to ask students to produce their own piece of fan work, and then write an exegesis/critique positioning it within the fandom, discussing the aims of the work and evaluating the success.

I gave a very broad remit for the piece of fan work – vid, fic, art, filk, or doing a piece of curation, creating a tumblr or equivalent space which curated others’ work in order to speak to a specific element of fandom.

I was a bit nervous about how the students would do, whether they would understand the aims of the assignment, and how much they would really get into the spirit of it. However, I needn’t have been. I have been *blown away* by the quality of the response to this assignment – people approaching it in different ways, producing different forms, and all participating genuinely.

I asked the students if I might have permission to share their work, and many of them have given it. I gave them the option of whether they wanted their work shared anonymously, pseudonymously, with their first name, or their full name, hence the differences in attribution.

More work may be added to this as students give permission – I will edit and update as I go.

I’m only including the work itself here, not the critiques they provided for them, but I feel like the works they created speak for themselves.


Janine de Bart – A Pretty Little Liars Theory vid


Janine de Swart – A Harry Styles/Selena Gomez vid


Wayne – A 13 Reasons Why Season 2 trailer


Vita – A Justin Bieber tribute vid


Elke Oude Weernink – A 1 Direction tribute vid

Fan Art

Lotte Clefken – Snape tribute art

Lotte - Snape


Ruby – Wes Anderson tribute art

Ruby - Wes Anderson

Georgie – A collection of phone lock screens, based on 13 Reasons Why



Anonymous – An Amsterdam-based fan space for Orange Is The New Black


Yara – A tumblr dedicated to Phoebe/Joey from Friends


Mickey Wouter – A tumblr critique of the representation of Gloria on Modern Family



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