Who Am I?

Mark Stewart

Currently Assistant Professor in Television and Cross-Media Culture at the University of Amsterdam. My research is usually at the intersection of Television Studies, Media Industries and Fan Studies.

TV geek in general


Ok – so I thought I should put a little more here. Commenced my PhD thesis at University of Auckland in Oct 09, focusing on Television and New Media. The PhD was submitted in January 2014, and awarded in January 2015.

Subsequently Postdoctoral Fellow at Massey University, working on a Marsden funded project in Cultural Geographies.

I’m currently looking for an academic position, with the aim of eventually doing both teaching and research. I’d consider any locale around the world, so if you know someone who would like to employ me…

I do some teaching in the department as well, thus far on courses called “Watching Television”, “Media & Information Society”, “Technoculture and New Media” and “Video Games: Theory and Culture”.

Am on Twitter as @markboynz, following as much TV/media discussion as I can without being spoiled.

I follow a quite frankly stupid amount of television – will do a post/list at some point. Will try most shows at least once.

In non-tv/academic info,  I owned a retail music store for nearly 5 years, and still have a strong love for all sorts of music. I also do pub quizzes, with my geekily-named team “Ultimate Death Ray”. I just loves me some trivia.


2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    • Mark S

      Most certainly. From memory we spoke very briefly at the Political Economy conf in Auckland, but it’d be great to have a longer discussion! Typical that it might happen on the other side of the world…

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